The Basics

All five rounds of the ECO will be played with 2000 point armies using the Matched Play Recommendations from the Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Ruleset and Frontline Gaming's ITC rules.

The East China Open is an ITC sanctioned Warhammer 40K Tournament held on the weekend of the 29th of February to March 1st.


  • A total points limit of 2000, and not a single point over!
  • No more than 3 Detachments

Detachment Guidelines

All units in each detachment of your Battle-Forged army must share at least one Faction Keyword, excluding those in the table below:

Imperium Aeldari Ynnari
Chaos Tyranids Unaligned

This does not apply to Fortification Network detachments.

Note that this has no effect on your Army Faction. This means, for example, that your army may consist of an Astra Militarum detachment and an Imperial Knights detachment sharing the Imperium faction keyword.

Please keep in mind that each Tournament Round will be limited to 3 HOURS and judges will ensure that games progress acceptably. All games will be played using chess clocks.

Be courteous and bring an army you can reasonably expect to finish on time with. Nobody wants to watch you run out of time while you move 300 Grots!

Submitting your list

Make sure your list clearly states all custom details such as your Warlord, all wargear options, detachment benefits, faction keywords and command points awarded, and any other decisions made before the battle begins.

If any of these rules are unclear now or on the day of the event, reach out for support from our bi-lingual judges and organisers.

Completed army lists should be submitted via the BCP Player App. There is no particular required format for this, though exporting your list from Battlescribe is never a bad way to go. Whatever format you decide, make sure your list is accurate and use the most up to date profiles and points costs.